Challenging Machining Solutions from the Industry Expert at your Door Step under one roof.

Precision Machining Solutions

We provide Creative, Comprehensive and Sustainable Precision VMC Machining Solutions.


Manufacturing Solutions from Simple Part Machining to Complex Die Machining


We are Committed to Provide Precisions Machining Services.


VMC - Cosmos 1370 and BFW Agni

Delivering results, reliability & dependability

    • Our Team strictly “Controls and Monitors” all dimensions and tolerance of each part.


    • Our Policy is “Total Customer Satisfaction”, which is reflected at every Stage from procurement of raw material to the delivery of the finished product.


  • Passion for “Quality and Continual Improvement” is evident in our highly motivated, responsive and experienced experts from the Industry.

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Our Offerings

  • We do Precision Cam Machining based on Client’s requirements.
  • We Manufacture Dies, Molds, High Precision Blow Molds, Mold Base, Casting Dies, Forging Dies, Components, Jigs and Fixtures.
  • We Cater to the following Industry Segments:
    • Automobile
    • General Engineering
    • Aerospace
    • Defence

Forging Dies


Casting Dies

Mold Base



Mr Naresh Palempati – Founder & Director

Vmake Precision started in May 2021, after having 22 years of experience in the machining domain, we started Vmake Precisions with an intention to provide best in class manufacturing services within the effective timelines. Offering the range from simple parts machining to complex dies machining including complete project.

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  • Main Office

    Shop No. 2 Mahalaxmi Industrial Estate, Gat No. 1403, Sonawane Wasti, Chikali, Pune - 411062, Maharashtra State, India

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  • Office Hour

    Friday - Wednesday (09.00 AM - 05.00PM)

  • Machine Shop Hour

    Friday - Wednesday (24 *6)
    Thursday - Weekly Off


  • Machine : CNC Vertical Machining Centre
  • Make/Model : Cosmos 1370
  • Travel: 1300x700x700
  • Machine : CNC Vertical Machining Centre
  • Make/Model : BFW Agni
  • Travel: 600x450x500